A Guide to Identifying the Best Blue Light Filters

24 May

Sunlight or the white light is a combination of many rays of sunshine. There are the red, orange, yellow, green, violet and even blue rays. All these rays vary in wavelength, and that is what contributes to their visibility and energy. The thing with wavelength and energy is that the more the length, the lower the energy so, for example, the red ray has longer wavelength compared to UV which has very short wavelengths and we know for a fact that UV rays have a lot of energy compared to red rays. With that said, I would have you know that the blue light is a visible light however of all the visible rays, it contains the highest energy which means that if uncontrolled it can be harmful. The irony is that despite the fact that it can be somewhat dangerous, it is found in many places; it is the blue light that makes the sky look slightly blue, it is in the screens of computers, TVs, phone screens and even in LED and fluorescent lamps. Now that we know that blue light is everywhere and the continuous exposure to it closely is dangerous, what can we do? Well, there are blue light filters in many forms; there are blue light filter glasses you can wear there are filters for device screens to protect your eyes as you use those devices. If at all you would like to have the best blue light filters, here are some pointers that you can use.

 First, consult your optician if at all you would like to get blue light filter glasses. This way you will get filter glasses that have the power to protect you to the blue light you are exposed. If you prescribe blue light filter glasses for yourself glasses, you may go for glasses that are too weak and do not offer you the right protection, or they may be too strong to the point of hurting your eyes. Find the best blue light filter or the best blue light blocking glasses.

 You also need to factor in the brand of the glasses. While there are several great brands of blue light filters, you are better off choosing a brand of blue light filter that is known to be useful and sound quality. When you go for a reputable brand that is good quality you will save yourself some money because the filter will serve you for a long time hence giving you value for your money.

 At least now you know what to look out for as you try to find the best blue light filters.

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